By Troy

Transformers The Last Knight

Just like the millions of folks out there, I’ve been a fan of Transformers from a very young kindergarten age. Watching the cartoon and collecting stickers to fill my `Transformers sticker books, while growing up on the island of Jamaica in the 80’s. Many things get lost or forgotten from my childhood years. For me, Transformers is not one of them. I’m still a fan, and will always be. I should beat myself with a spiky wooden pole. Reason been, This film was released in June 2017. I had high hopes seeing it on the big screen, Such is life, I forgot, kind of put it off till the last minute, only to find out a month later only two cinemas were showing it in the whole of London. The closest one was Showcase cinema in Newham. Not to worry I booked some tickets for us and the kids. The showing was at 4:50 pm, we got there nice and early, ‘for a first that is’ For some reasons we’ve always arrive late whenever we go out to the cinemas. This was our first time at the showcase cinema, Newham. It’s not the greatest of cinemas, regarding layout. I had a hard time finding my seat row. Those seat row alphabets need to be high-vis, it was tough reading them in a dim dark room. Other than the seat row scenario it’s an OK cinema. The sound, screen, seats and leg room was OK.

The Film

This film screen time is long, it’s about two and a half hours in length. I’m not a fan of extra long films, I’ve always fallen asleep during the final good bits, plus the kids get a bit fidgety when watching long films at the cinema. We did make an exception in this instance as it was The Transformers and all of us were fans. Viewing this film for the first time, I doubt I got it all. I’ll chat about it from a first glance perspective. I may need to update this blog later after I’ve viewed it a couple more times. What can I say?
Mr. Bay and his team have done it again, Boooom!! A great job. The graphics are super detailed, the camera movements and captures are explicitly over whelming, not complaining’ I like to be over whelmed. ‘Sometimes that is’ Beautify scene locations and aerial shots. My favorite scenes are the mountain moving aerials showing the luscious green landscape and the ancient medieval locations in Britain.

Acting wise, I can’t find any flaws; all the actors carried out their roles with a real like performance. I can see the editors edit this film to perfection, or tried their best. I give credits to the story line, evolving and connecting the original Transformers to the medieval dark ages of time,  it’s been a while since the writers took a different path from the average invading defending punch line, I guess it’s still the same, now the story has some more depth to it. Spilling some of the truth from the beginnings is a great way to captivate the fans. There’s a lot of questions need to be answered. Hopefully, we’ll get those answers in the future. So Prime destroyed his maker? Was she really his maker? I found it hard to believe Optimus’s creator exist in the same realm as him. Who made her? “mmm”. The future looks bright for the answers.

One sighting for me was the bot’s ancient medallion emblem. Looks familiar? It resembles the Saint Benedict’s cross. A symbol I’m very much acquainted with, hey’ medieval times without the cross is like soup without water. My one disappointment was in this instance one of my favourite character, Lord Megatron was side tracked and made to be super evil. ‘Which earthling dear speaks to Lord Megatron like that. Hopefully, in the next round Lord Megatron will shine a bit more. It would be nice to see Megatron and Optimus teaming up to save the day. All in all, this is a very great film. Some awards, maybe best picture. If you’re a fan of the Transformers, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I did.

One Love 

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