Yep’ I’m still riding the Anamorphic wave. I got me a Helium iPhone case and a Rode video mic micro to top it off. The Helium case is top-notch, its made from full alloy metal. As I said before “I likes meee metals”. The Helium case has a 37mm threaded lens attachment incorporated in the phone case, which gives a direct fit for the Moondog labs Anamorphic lens adapter. The case has mounting points all around, which is great for mounting various accessories. Example, a mic, lights, a handle, a selfie stick, mounting to a tripod, or anything else that needs mounting. The craftsmanship displayed in this iPhone case is spot on, I’d say perfection. The phone fits snugly in the cutout. One of the features I like is the thumb screws for installing and removing the mobile phone, quick and easy. The Rode video mic sound quality is great, Rode creates very good mics. My only fault with the Rode’s video mic micro is the vibration isolation mount. The mount is a bit flimsy, which makes the mic bounce up and down when walking. A quick fix of mine sorted the bouncy problem. By using some rubber bands known as Loom Bands, wrapped around the mount, I was able to cut out most of the bounciness. The Moondog Anamorphic lens adopted is great, its worth every penny. All in all, these are great products and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to explore Anamorphic filming. check out my blog post about modifying the Rode video mic micro for damping the bounciness.
    Also, check out my vid on the tube below.


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