One of the good thing living in London is the social life. There’s always something going on close by. One of the major obstacle which prevents folks from going out or going out more is the cost. Yep’ it’s expensive in London or any major city I guess, in the mids of the expensiveness if you look hard enough you’ll find deals and reasonably priced venues to go. This blog is about a party we went to last March 2017. It’s called the festival of the dead, held at the Troxy venue in London.

    I found out about this by chance researching about the Día de Muertos. The thing is I like to explore. “Troy the explorer” I like to explore different cultures and other people’s way of living, I was originally brought up in Jamaica with Jamaican culture which is great, but I’m not one to bind myself to one thing. I’ve always felt intrigued about the Spanish Día de Muertos festival ‘day of the dead’ those bright, vibrant colours mixed with the dead was what caught my eyes. So there I was reading up on the history about Día de Muertos, during my googling a link popped up about the festival of the dead which was in London in a few weeks. Their advert said it all, what it was and what it was about, the music and all. I read the party was on the year before so I did a YouTube check to see if there were any videos. There was not one video on the tube about it, and there wasn’t much info on the web about it either. Nonetheless, the ticket price was reasonable, so I bought two for my partner and me. What’s the worst could happen? I went, and it turns out to be a pile of shit, waste of money. This wasn’t the case, this mini party festival was great. I did not expect such great performances for the price, I was shocked.

    We left our home about 11 pm stopped off at mc Donald’s fast food for a quick bite. I’ve made a mistake in the past of not eating before drinking alcoholic beverages, trust me it’s not a nice feeling. After loading up our tummy with some food we uber a uber then head off to Troxy,  We got in roughly midnight; I was lucky enough to sneak past the bouncers with my Lil flask of Jamaican white Rum. Hey’ I go nowhere without my RUM, not like the bar will be selling Jamaican white RUM. Plus that’s my lil method for keeping the beverage cost down when out and about in London. I’m not a heavy drinker, two pints of beer and a bit of rum will last me all night long. Inside was ok, well set out with lots of space. First things first we hit the bar got some drinks then went on to the dance floor and enjoyed the night away. Not much to say about it other than it was very good. We’re looking forward attending next year.

    Check my short video of the night dancing with the dead, at the festival of the dead.

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